Fluesystems Eco 4 Heat Powered Stove Fan fluesystemss

Fluesystems Eco 4 Heat Powered Stove Fan fluesystemss

  • Exclusive product to fluesystems. Please ignore other sellers.
  • Generates its own energy using the heat from your stove
  • Low starting temperature - As low as 50 degrees C
  • Compact size - 185mm High x 180mm Wide (excluding folding handle)
  • CE Approved - 1 Year Guarantee
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Eco 4 Heat Powered Stove Fan
The Eco 4 stove fan exclusively from fluesystems is a 4 blade heat powered stove fan designed to circulate the air created by a wood or gas stove. The Eco 4 stove fan has a thermoelectric module which acts as a small generator to power the fan's motor.

Super fast fan speed - Greater than 900rpm
Moves 170-190CFM (cubic feet of air per minute)
Increases stove's efficiency
Circulates warm air over large areas
Generates its own energy
Fan speed automatically varies with temperature
Low starting temperature - As low as 50 degrees C
Suitable for use on all stoves
Ultra quiet operation
1 Year Guarantee
Compact size
CE Approved

Dimensions:- Height 185mm, excluding handle. Width 180mm.

Positioning of Stove Fans
Please be aware that stove fans need to sit at the back of the stove, to the side of the stove pipe. Do not sit any stove fan directly in front of the stove pipe, as the temperature will be too great, and could damage the fan motor.

Please ignore other sellers offering this product. Ensure fluesystems are the seller to ensure you get the correct product.

I looked at other more expensive fans and decided on this one due to the cost. I tried this fan out 2 nights ago and I was so impressed I had to write this report. It is excellent value for money it spreads the heat throughout the house. The fan cuts in at 50c it is quiet and you can hear normal tv volume ok. I also believe I used less fuel as I had the wood burner primary control hardly open. If you are new to wood burning with a flat top stove this for you is a must buy. I wish I had bought mine last year. Excellent product !
By MIKE COOMBS 11 September 2017
Very powerful and quiet fan. And much more efficient than the 2 and 3 fin versions but surprisingly big and too big to fit on top of my 4Kw single door stove. The instructions state that it must be placed to the side of the flue pipe and not in front and there is not enough room for the fan to be in this location. This fan is 180mm wide and for it to look neat and not overhang your stove you would need 200mm (20cm or 8") of surface either side of your flue. I have retuned it and bought the mini version from the same manufacturer as it is only 125mm wide.
By D. Appleby 18 September 2017
My living arera is open plan but an open archway devides it into a sitting area and dining area. My small wood burner sits in the dining area but half of the sitting area remains rather cool. Not now! This fan has been running almost none stop for last three months and the living area is now warm as toast. Very efficient, very quiet and easy to clean. One of my best buys!
By Mel C 16 March 2017
Having recently got a multi fuel stove installed, we ordered a stove fan from the supplier which turned out to be too big for the space available (never thought of checking this prior).

After measuring and a lot of research I at last found this one that fits perfectly. I have to admit I was sceptical that a stove fan could make any difference but oh boy it does. I would thorough recommend this to anyone tight on space and looking for a stove fan. Works as described and was delivered quickly too. Thoroughly recommend.
By Ms. D. Hennessy 19 February 2016
Well I spent an age trying to work out if a stove fan would really work. I was rather sceptical to say the least however in the end I did some homework and bought this one. Well its GREAT! The fan starts at a low temperature and even though our stove in in an old fire hearth with a low top, this fitted and really does blow the hot air out into the room instead of letting it just roll up the fire breast. Its good quality, good value for money (its is no where near the most expensive you can get) and it does work. I initially thought about buying one for the other side of my stove however she who must be obeyed said it would make the room too hot - so that is a recommendation in itself!
By Mr J. 23 February 2018
This is a great addition and compliment to any stove. Small and neat and quite cool looking. Already quite a few of our friends are looking to buy one, now they have seen it working. We found before that our heat from the stove was heating the mantle above it. It now pushes the heat into the room so we benefit from a more efficient circulation of warmth. Seriously starts to work at a very low heat, minutes from when we light the stove. I highly recommend this to anyone who has a stove, we are very satisfied.
By Clanger 9 January 2016
Item arrived promptly and was exactly as described. Solid construction and pleasing design. Started operating at about 100 degrees C and as I write is wafting warm air through our lounge. Very little noise, more a quiet hum.
I had very limited space on top of the stove (24cm) so was careful to read all product details. Contrary to the answered question re bimetallic strip, this item HAS a bimetallic strip which lifts the base at temperatures above 250 degrees C. I will not be getting my stove that hot so cannot comment on how far the base lifts. I'm sure the company would provide this information.
This is a small fan, so best suited to stoves with limited space. Excellent product but obviously doesn't move as much air as the bigger fans.
By martin wilson 5 December 2015
We were really impressed with how effective this fan was at distributing the heat throughout the room, pretty much eliminating cold spots. It even seemed to make the rest of the house benefit more from the stoves output. Works well, almost completely silent, visually unobtrusive especially when working. Recommended.
By NewHeart 18 July 2018