Talisman Pro Cue Tips 3 x 9mm Soft Grade

Talisman Pro Cue Tips 3 x 9mm Soft Grade

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Talisman cue tips are very affordable, just think about the money you spend on your equipment and table time, the cost of a Talisman is so little in comparison with what you will receive in consistency and confidence, but not only that, these tips far outlast most other tips on the market by 200 - 300%. Many players report using the same tip for over two years and Snooker halls have said that the tips are lasting nearly a year on house cues. No Mushrooming, requires little maintenance, superior ball control, precise side, spin and Masse, increased personal confidence, greater consistency, holds the chalk much longer, far outlasts single layer tips, latest technology and highest quality standards.

I'm note sure what's wrong with these as they are very hard. I've been using Talisman soft tips on my snooker and uk pool cues for 10 years, replacing them once a year. They are normally outstanding, grippy, consistent, the best around, but if they've changed the manufacturing process or something recently I don't know. I used to love that these could be replaced and the new tip played the same as the old unlike elks or blue diamonds.
I changed the tip on my uk pool cue and a shot by shot comparison with the old tip that's still on my snooker cue and it's like hitting the ball with a bit of wood.
By Jamie 4 May 2018
Not used yet, but from previous experiance of Talisman tips they will be ok.
By Seascape 25 March 2015
very disappointed, no give at all in these tips they sound and feel like hitting with the wood of your cue, if these are soft the hard ones must be stone, wont be buying again, buying adr 147 s instead
By tony hicks 16 March 2016
Good tip good service
By john simpson 23 October 2015
Good quality product & fast delivery
By Mr. M. Brock 12 May 2015
More accuracy on. Shots
By henry bunting 11 December 2015
not bad
By D T HARRIES 18 December 2014