Compatible Full Hose Tool Kit 2.5 Mtr for Numatic Henry Vacuum Cleaner Generic QUATOOLKIT2.5.VEN

Compatible Full Hose Tool Kit 2.5 Mtr for Numatic Henry Vacuum Cleaner Generic QUATOOLKIT2.5.VEN

  • Complete 2.5m Hose + Tools Kit to fit Numatic Henry Hetty etc Vacuum Cleaners (32mm diameter)
  • Kit includes: 2.5 metre hose -- 2 x chrome rods -- 1 x chrome bent end handle -- 1 x combination tool head -- 1 x stair tool -- 1 x dusting brush -- 1 x crevice tool -- 1 x tool adaptor
  • Fits models: all Henry, Hetty, Basil, George, David, Edward, Harry, Hound, Nuvac, Rucksack - plus all Wet & Dry, Industrial & Commercial Numatic Machines
  • Non genuine, compatible & complete tool kit
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Product Description

Non-genuine, fully compatible 2.5 Mtr Tool Kit for Numatic Henry vacuum cleaner. Kit Includes: 2 X Chrome Extension Rods, 1 X Chrome Bent End Handle With Suction Control, 2.5 Meter Long Hose,1 X Round Dusting Brush, 1 X Tool Adaptor, crevice Tool, Litter Picker/Stair Tool With Slide Off Brush,1 X Large Floor Tool. Will The Following Models: Henry / James / George / Hetty / Basil / Edward & Rucksack

This hose + tool kit was one of the cheapest ones on and I am absolutely amazed with the quality! some sellers charge 15 odd quid just for tools but this tool kit AND hose complete was under that at 11 pounds. I was also very impressed that the poles were metal and not plastic like some replacements. The upholstery tool was the best I think because it had a set of brushes that you can slide on and off the tool to really get out stubborn dirt (it does a great job I might add!) I had my numatic vacuum cleaner given to me second hand without a hose and tools so this replacement set really fits the bill! I absolutely love it and would buy a replacement one when this one wares out in another 20 years!
By Adele 19 August 2017
Not as good quality in comparison to the originals supplied with my Henry (which was gunked up with plaster and building dust and the felt had worked clean off the bottom of the carpet attachment after 10 years of obsessive cleaning). However, they fit the vacuum unit, arrived in good time, has made a positive difference to the vacuuming outcome by replacing the hose and filter. The only criticisms are that the poles don't grip together so drop out whilst in use which can be really annoying, the bristles are not as think on the carpet head and on the round nozzel nor are they as sturdy feeling like the originals - Overall allot cheaper replacing parts than buying a whole new vacuum cleaner.
By Cooper 29 May 2018
Honestly, I'm so bloody pleased with this! My Henry had become so rubbish, it wasn't picking anything up, clearly blocked in places and I was considering buying a new hoover. Im so happy woth this though it's given the hoover a brand new lease of life, it's like brand new.

There are a few point's I have that arent perfect, the hole at the top of the pole to control suction often slips open meaning less suction, I find myself moving it back a lot I also noticed if you don't make sure the poles are tightly adjusted on with every use the poles can slip out of the hose this isn't like the suction hole problem though, once it's adjusted it's fine. Lastly with the upholstery attatchment you can slip the fabric piece off of it, it literally slips off whether you attatch it tightly or not, it's really loose and I just use it without the fabric addition because it doesnt stay put at all!

Besides these points I still feel like this product deserves 5 stars, it has givencmy hoover a lease of life for such a low price tag that I will happily live with the little negatives, they really aren't the end of the world to me. Perhaps they might be for you!
By Amazon Customer 26 November 2016

Like having a new Henry for less than 12 quid!
The attachments are substantial – not in the least flimsy.
Powerful suction.
Undeniably good value.


Chrome rod is longer - not as easy to manoeuvre.
Hose is also longer - good in theory but it tends to get twisted – keep having to unbuckle it. Very annoying!
Rod parts don’t stay together as well as the original ones.


3.5 stars
Probably worth updating your lovely old Henry with this kit because the new Henrys have less powerful motors than the old ones.
By SueKich 15 July 2016
I regret choosing this over genuine numatic parts. Everything about the various parts of this set feel cheap. The hose doesn't screw on properly, the round brush has very short bristles, the hose and tubes make a rattling noise when connected, the quality of the plastic is inferior, nothing fits together properly, and for some unknown reason, the chrome extension tubes are unfeasibly long.
By L Jones 30 August 2016
Wasn't sure about this at first because of the price, but it fits my Henry perfectly! And all the attachments we had lost over the years, we've now got back. Our hoover has been restored!! Extremely happy with this and would definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone. As long as the price stays the same I will definitely be buying this again in the future
By joselynj 13 February 2017
Great value kit when compared with the cost of the original parts, and actually quite well made too. Not quite the same quality as the original parts but I can see no reason why they would not last as long, and if they don't, it is no great shakes to buy another set at this price. This complete set cost the same as a replacment hose from Henry!
By Peter T. 23 December 2017
I ordered this as I was missing the hose from a Henry Hoover when put altogether the Hose never really fitted and when pulling back and forth whilst hoovering it kept coming apart and never stayed in so in the end went and purchased another Henry Hoover as couldn't hoover properly.
By BJW46 30 April 2016